Want to know more about the social activities and get togethers offered by some of our services?

Many of our services offer stakeholder days to bring everyone together that uses the service and make them feel more involved about the support they receive.

Recently the Courtyard and Viewpoint Services held a joint stakeholders event. There were over 150 who attended on the day.

There were presentations by services users, both in person and pre-recorded talking about what they have been doing.

Anne Ross, Service Coordinator, at Viewpoint, explains:

“Services hold Stakeholders Days for a number of different reasons. They allow service users to show what they have been doing, to highlight their achievements and to learn about other things which are available. It also is an opportunity for everyone involved in the service (for example; service users, family, carers, staff, social work, local authorities, employers, other providers and project partners) to meet up and find out about everything which has been going on. Having so many different people together also allows services to get feedback from all of those stakeholders about their views of the service, things which are going well  and any ideas for improvements. There is a lot of work involved in any event of this scale but as one of the Viewpoint staff observed, it reminds you of why we do the work we do.”

The day started with Elaine Manderson and Catherine McKinnon welcoming everyone and giving a brief overview of the support offered by each service. Anne Ross and Roslind Ramsay then gave updates from each service, featuring recordings of service users talking about their experiences. Some people spoke about the activities they were involved in and pictures were displayed showing people taking part in different groups and events.

Following this John, Nicola, Murray, Martin and Stuart gave a presentation about the allotment groups. They showed pictures of their produce and spoke about the work they had undertaken.

David and Jane then spoke about their experiences having recently moved in to the Courtyard service. Following on from them the whole of the Viewpoint drama group got up and spoke about what they had been doing and spoke about their performance later that afternoon, this included Marie, David, Philip , Derek, Lorna, Yvonne, Tracy, Elizabeth, Murray and Alistair.

There was then some group work where everyone gave their input into what kind of things should be included in the service welcome packs and what would make them more accessible and useful. There was then a great spread put on for lunch. There was even doggy bags for people to take away afterwards. During lunch people were able to look at photo displays from both services and buy the Viewpoint Art Group’s Christmas cards and place orders for the Courtyard’s calendar, created by the photography group.

Following lunch there was a clip of Marie who took part in a film project with the Burns Museum  speaking about what having an independent mind meant to her. Then Ann spoke about her experiences at the college. James followed on from this talking about the West End Festival trip which both services took part in in June. There was a fashion show of some of the costumes made by the art group which were worn at this event alongside a video which featured members of the Art group wearing their costumes dancing  with various nautical backdrops.

Elizabeth and Aileen then gave a presentation about the Charter For Involvement. Following a short break everyone moved through to the other hall for the drama groups performance of the Wizard of Oz. The backdrops were all designed and created by the art group and looked great. The drama group did a sing-a-long version of the Wizard of Oz which was packed out with a number of people having to stand at the back of the hall. Their performance was very well received and was well praised by Peter Jung who finished off the day, thanking everyone who had come along and who had taken part throughout the day.

Anne Ross said:

“Service users are involved in all aspects of the event, from the preparations beforehand, such as making up welcome packs, name badges and displays to taking part on the day, greeting people and giving presentations. It is their day and the work of everyone together is what makes it a success.

The event itself also means that people can have a say in the support which should be offered by the service. We use a number of different methods for people to be able to give their input, such as feedback forms, video booth and group work.  Service users do power point presentations, telling those present about what they have been doing and about their achievements. This also means that others at the service can find out about what  opportunities are available and be inspired to try new things themselves.”