Turning Point Scotland Abstinence Project aims to support individuals looking to achieve and sustain recovery from using alcohol and/or drugs sustaining whilst living in ordinary community settings.

The service is committed to achieving abstinence in recovery and is at the heart of what we do. We believe everyone is capable of recovery. We offer a range of support to empower individuals to achieve and maintain recovery in the longer term.

Turning Point Scotland has over a decade of experience in supporting people to achieve recovery in community –based services in across Scotland.

The service has a committed and experienced team of staff and volunteers who draw on a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience; including peer led lived experience.

The service has been developed further by building on those skills to deliver a unique abstinence based therapeutic community recovery service.

The service delivers a group work programme for up to 6 months supporting your recovery journey where at the end you can achieve total abstinence from all substances and ORT based medications.

The service works closely with you and other professionals (where relevant) to deliver your recovery plan in order that you can achieve abstinence in recovery.

What will happen when I come to The Abstinence Project?

  • We offer community abstinence based treatment.  Individuals attending the service will want to stop using alcohol and/or drugs entirely.
  • We offer an individual assessment appointment to identify an appropriate personal recovery plan for you.
  • We allocate  a key worker to provide 1-1 therapeutic support who will work with you on your personal recovery plan
  • We regularly review your progress with you to set new goals and objectives and meet your recovery outcomes.
  • We offer progression routes to access training, employment and volunteering opportunities
  • You have access to holistic therapy workshops and recovery shares ,that will include  – music, art, acupuncture, health and wellbeing, relaxing techniques
  • We offer links with existing Recovery Support Networks
  •  We offer regular recovery check ups

Prior to engaging in the three stages to the programme, there will be a referral and assessment process.

For more information please download the service leaflet for Turning Point Scotland Abstinence Project.


4 days abstinence from alcohol and/or drugs along with a willingness to change is required at referral stage and assessment appointment given.

Referrals can be made through Alcohol and Drug services, G.P., Mental Health service and Criminal Justice services, along with other relevant professional organisations,

If entry requirements met, individuals will be offered a place on the Access to Recovery Programme.

Opening Times 

In Glasgow will run for 5 days per week with further access to a Recovery café one day per week.

Telephone referrals can be made Mon-Friday between 10am and 4pm, or alternatively by email.


Turning Point Scotland Abstinence Service
161-181 Whitefield Road
G51 2SD
Telephone:  0141 445 1198
Email: lynfoy@turningpointscotland.com
Web www.turningpointscotland.com