Turning Point Scotland’s Housing First service along with a number of others has been successful in
securing European funding to test and evaluate projects working within a Housing First framework in Europe.
This project will be funded by the European Parliament as part of the Progress Programme.

‘Housing First Europe’ will assess how Housing First services are implemented, the differences and similarities between the projects and also the degree of
consensus regarding the Housing First model.
It will also assess the effectiveness of the approach for the resettlement of homeless people and develop the approach for possible use on a wider scale.

Housing First Europe is a 2 year project and places emphasis upon mutual learning, support and policy transfer between each of the ‘test’ and ‘peer’ sites.
The Glasgow Housing First site is one of several ‘test’ sites across Europe that will be evaluated.
The Housing First Europe steering group which will monitor and evaluate the project includes Sam Tsemberis, who is regarded as the founder of the Housing First
model which was established in the United States well over a decade ago.

He will be joined by Professor Suzanne Fitzpatrick of Herriot Watt University, who is currently involved in the 3 year evaluation of TPS Housing First.

For further information on this project contact Ian Irvine on ianirvine@turningpointscotland.com