“My journey began in the crisis centre, then the past 5 ½ months have been in the 218 project for women. I have received group therapy to build me back up and I return to my community in 3 weeks. I don’t know what lies ahead and can only continue to hope and pray. The main lesson I have is that I had to learn to live with and love the one person I can’t get away from – ME.”

The 218 Service is a Turning Point Scotland and Glasgow Addiction Service initiative that takes a person centred, approach in dealing with the issues that women offenders face.

The programme of work at 218 is designed to address issues with substance use, physical and mental health and other social needs including housing and childcare.

Who is the service for?

The service deals primarily with women aged 18 and over who have a live criminal justice involvement, a range of complex needs such as addiction, poor mental or physical health and trauma issues.

218 is here to help women break the cycle of offending which results in the ‘revolving door’ syndrome that characterises many of their relationships with prison.

What does 218 offer?

The service has a 12 bed residential unit and a day service programme which provides a range of compulsory and optional group work sessions and one to one support.

Access is also available to a clinic which deals with mental and physical health issues, a dietician, chiropodist, dentist, doctors and nurses.

Regular progress reviews are also carried out by the group of community workers who oversee each individual.


Once the 218 Service has received a referral from the courts, we will send out an initial assessment appointment to the woman using the information provided by the court.

The assessment process will take place over two separate sessions and will include a physical health assessment. The outcome will be dependent on what the woman’s needs are and what area of the service will be most appropriate to suit her needs.

Contact details

218 Service
218 Bath Street
G2 4HW
T: 0141 331 6200
E: 218@turningpointscotland.com