“I’ve been in Glasgow Drug Crisis Centre for 2 weeks and feel more better than I’ve been for the last 20 year.”

The Glasgow Drug Crisis Centre offers a safe, confidential service which will support and encourage people to find ways of making their substance misuse less problematic and to achieve a better quality of life.

Everyone who comes to the Glasgow Drug Crisis Centre can have an initial assessment of their circumstances completed and a personalised care plan drawn up. Individuals can also obtain advice about other community based organisations which can provide longer term care to suit their needs.

The centre is based in Tradeston and offers a range of support services 24 hours a day.

Services provided:

One Stop Service

The One Stop service provides 24 hour advice, information and support on substance misuse and related issues. Assessments are carried out on a 24 hour basis and an abscess and ulcer clinic is also provided by Glasgow’s Physical Health Team.

Naxolone Programme

This service educates people on what to do in the event of an overdose. Training in basic first aid skills is provided along with training to administer naloxone, which reduces the risk of fatality in the event of an overdose.

Needle Exchange

The needle exchange is open 24 hours a day . Used injecting equipment can be brought in to be disposed of safely and exchanged for new equipment. Those who come to the needle exchange for the first time will also be given a brief initial screening. It is expected that those who use the service may want to access other services offered or be put in touch with relevant local agencies.

Performance and Image Enhancing Drug Clinic

The clinic was set up in partnership with Glasgow Addiction Services as a response to the growing number of steroid users in Glasgow. The clinic is an NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde resource and is held on a Tuesday from 6pm-10pm. It currently offers support and advice for people using body or image enhancing products.

Residential Unit

This service is aimed at people who are no longer coping in the community and may be at risk due to their chaotic drug use.

The unit has space for twelve residents with an average stay of 2-3 weeks.

People who use the residential unit are provided with:

  • A fully personalised care plan
  • Access to 24 hour nursing care, podiatry and medication
  • A fully structured and flexible group work programme
  • Naloxone training and supply
  • Sexual health advice and treatment
  • Leisure equipment such as pool table, table tennis and badminton equipment and use of a gym hall

There are no waiting lists or appointment times as the Glasgow Drug Crisis Centre and admission to the residential unit is made on the basis of priority and need.

The Glasgow Drug Crisis Centre also provides an outpatient methadone clinic for those who have left the residential unit.

You can now view a video telling the story of the Glasgow Drug Crisis Centre from the beginning to the present day 

Research shows that there is a group of drug users who do not engage with any service. Safe Haven is an evening service based at Glasgow Drugs Crisis Centre to provide advice and information to people who would not normally approach them.

Safe Haven will provide a much needed space for those who are homeless and have issues with substance misuse when many other services in the city are closed. The café style space will be open from 6pm to 8pm and will have tea and coffee facilities, a kitchen and a place to relax.

For more information you can download the Safe Haven service leaflet.

Contact Details

Glasgow Drug Crisis Centre
123 West Street
G5 8BA
T: 0141 420 6969
E: GDCC@turningpointscotland.com