Turning Point Scotland Aberdeenshire provides substance misuse and homelessness services in the region. It is a rural community with a number of towns spread out across the area. Turning Point Scotland Aberdeenshire is based in Peterhead, Banff and Fraserburgh.

In Peterhead and Banff Turning Point Scotland Aberdeenshire offers a wide range of support to people with substance misuse based on crisis intervention and harm reduction. The aim of the service is to provide a safe and stable environment where individuals can stabilise their substance misuse and access a range of support and advice on associated risks to their health through a drop in service, one to one counseling and a needle exchange.

The rural nature of the area means additional attention is paid to overcoming some of the barriers to people attending the service if they live out with the locations of Peterhead and Banff. The service provides some outreach work to reach people who are not able to access the service.

Turning Point Scotland offers a service based in Fraserburgh providing 24 hour support to people in temporary accommodation who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The support focuses on helping the person maintaining the accommodation and managing their budget. The individual support plan will also look at how an individual can live independently in the future in their own tenancy looking at wider issues like coping skills, dealing with stress and conflict and possible education or employment opportunities.

Turning Point Scotland makes services fit people. The type of support we provide depends on the needs of the individual.

No matter where you live or what your circumstances, Turning Point Scotland aims to provide a high level of support to suit your needs.

Our range of support includes:

  • Housing support
  • Care at home
  • Residential care
  • Crisis intervention
  • Community rehabilitation
  • Social enterprise

To find out more or to access our services contact 0800 652 3757 or use our enquiry form.