Accessibility Standards on this website

Text size

Some people may prefer to view the Turning Point Scotland website in a larger text size.  To do this you will need to adjust your browser as follows:

Microsoft Internet Explorer – on the browser menu go to ‘view’, select ‘Text size’ and select one of the 5 text size options.

Netscape Navigator – on the browser menu go to ‘view’, select ‘Increase Font’ or ‘Decrease Font’ until the text is the required size.

Changing colours

Changing the website colour may be useful to users who rely on magnification technology as a white background can often produce an uncomfortable glare.  To change the background colour and/or the text colour:

Microsoft Internet Explorer – on the browser menu, go to ‘Tools’, select ‘Internet Options’, select ‘Colours’ and make changes to the text and/or background colours using the colour palet.  Now select the ‘Accessibility’ button and tick the box ‘Ignore colours specified on Web’.

Netscape Navigator – on the browser menu, go to ‘Edit’, select ‘Preferences’, open the ‘Appearance’ menu and select ‘colours’ where you can now amend the colours and text colours.

Browsealoud software

We have speech enabled our website for people who have difficulty reading screen text. The browsealoud software is free and available to download onto your pc from each of our web pages. This software will ‘read’ the text to you and make reading our site easier. More than 7,000 websites use BrowseAloud, so once you have it on your device you can listen to all of these websites too. For more information, please visit

Viewing PDFs (Portable Document Format)

Many of our documents are in PDF format for easy downloading, reading and printing. This software is available free from the Adobe Web site


All of our site pages have been created so that the site automatically generates and prints a user friendly version of the page.