Alcohol and Other Drugs

We offer confidential and effective support to those wishing to address their drug and alcohol use.

From on the spot advice and information at a drop-in centre to working on a longer term recovery plan in partnership with a key support worker, our services aim to establish the trust in this relationship which will be at the core of the emotional and practical support required to make a life-changing difference. We do not treat addictions in isolation. 

A key element of our drug services in some parts Scotland involves reducing behaviours that can heighten risks to health and well-being to unsustainable levels for those with issues and the communities around them. We therefore provide services which can include:

Provision of sterile equipment for injecting and safe disposal of used needles

Safe Rooms for the above to take place

Blood borne virus testing

Advice on dealing with risk of overdose, provision of Naxoline.

Short-term residential support

We engage with the individual, whose misuse, however problematical, is only a part of them as a person.