Alcohol and Other Drugs

We offer a wide range of adult harm reduction and recovery focused services across Scotland. This includes assertive outreach, initial engagement, community and residential crisis and stabilisation.

We recognise that people and families can be on the receiving end of stigma. Scotland has the highest rate of drug deaths in Europe and access to effective services is more important than ever. Turning Point Scotland firmly believes in the quality of its services in making a difference in people’s lives.

Our Approach

How we engage with individuals is crucial, assessing people’s needs is key to our approach. Their strengths and ambitions are what matters most to Turning Point Scotland.

We underpin our approach through our commitment to Citizenship. This helps to measure the strength of an individual’s connection to their rights, responsibilities, roles, resources, and relationships within society.  We encourage individuals to create a community identity and build a sense of value and purpose throughout their recovery journey to provide opportunities for local inclusion and build a sense of belonging within their community.  

We use a no wrong door, strength based, trauma informed approach throughout our alcohol and other drugs services to promote hope, choice and resilience. Harm reduction and recovery work hand in hand in our services.  Turning Point Scotland provide safe spaces for individuals feel welcome supported and build a sense of resilience to live the life they wish, because people matter.

In Our Services

Our initial contact with people looks at their needs and what’s important to them.  We work with individuals to help them decide on the type of life they would like to live and build on their ambitions to identify and remove barriers to their wellness.    

Individuals have the power decide on the level of support they feel is right for them.  Turning Point Scotland Alcohol and Other Drugs services are flexible in the support that is given.  Whether this be face to face, one to one, in a group setting or through digital based support approaches.

We value peer support and actively encourage people with lived experience to apply and join our teams to demonstrate recovery is possible. We do not treat alcohol or other drug use in isolation, we work with the individual and their loved ones to ensure any other support needs are also addressed.  

Our services span across many different stages of recovery pathways such as:

  • Online enquiries
  • Harm reduction methods, including injecting equipment, take home Naloxone, and Blood borne virus testing across fixed sites and local pharmacies GP’s and home delivery.
  • Assertive outreach and initial engagement.
  • Responding to near fatal overdoses.
  • Community recovery hubs and adult stabilisation.
  • Recovery community connection and mobilisation services.
  • Residential services.






We engage with the individual, whose misuse, however problematical, is only a part of them as a person.