Turning Point Scotland’s Viewpoint, SAIL and the Courtyard services were invited to attend the opening event of the new Body Works exhibition at the Science Centre in Glasgow.

In a generous gesture, The Glasgow Science Centre provided funding for people supported by Turning Point Scotland to attend the exhibition and even provided the bus for them to get there.

60 people from the services and staff attended on the day.

They had a chance to try out the different interactive exhibits, some of which even recorded each person’s reactions and individual information on their own swipe card which they could than take home and look up on line to see how they fared against other people who attended.

They could see what happened when they pumped up a set of lungs, listen to their heart and see how they would look in ten years if they smoke or drink too much.

The feedback from everyone involved seemed to be overwhelmingly positive. Here are some of their comments:

“Out of this world, fantastic, fandabbydozy, enjoyed getting my heart traced, wonderful.”

“This was the second trip which the Glasgow Science Centre have fully funded for us.”

“This has been a great experience for people using Ayrshire learning disability services and we very much appreciate the opportunity.”