Turning Point Scotland offers a number of services in Ayrshire, quite distinct from each other in their own locations while maintaining the same high standards of support, experience and professionalism shown by staff. The benefits of this approach is each service has a level of autonomy and flexibility to create and design services that fit the people being supported, while being able to share resources of Turning Point Scotland.

Turning Point Scotland Ayrshire provides a range of services clustered around Prestwick and Ayr supporting people with learning disabilities or Huntington’s disease who may have previously lived in hospital or residential settings, to live as independently as possible.
By supporting people in their own homes with daily routine and chores, paying bills and providing support with managing household budgets, or attending healthcare appointments, individuals can live in comfort and safety in their own homes.

In addition the services provide and promote a range of social opportunities such as going to the cinema, meeting friends and taking part in other leisure activities. This can also involve accessing further education or employment opportunities.

The services place an emphasis on helping people to be as independent as they can while leading an active role in the community with access to social networks and helping to realise their goals and ambitions.

Taking full advantage of the leisure and recreational facilities in the communities of Ayr and Prestwick, the services have developed good relationships with other providers and agencies.

In addition, Turning Point Scotland also provides criminal justice services in South Ayrshire, North Ayrshire and East Ayrshire through Turning Point Scotland Turnaround community service.

For both men and women requiring support in the community, day services are available offering support to people with a history of offending behavior to address issues like substance misuse mental health, relationships or lack of coping skills.

Turning Point Scotland’s criminal justices operate in partnership with Community Justice Authorities and the Scottish Government to reduce reoffending, by addressing the underlying causes of their offending behaviour.

Turning Point Scotland makes services fit people. The type of support we provide depends on the needs of the individual.

No matter where you live or what your circumstances, Turning Point Scotland aims to provide a high level of support to suit your needs.

Our range of support includes:

  • Housing support
  • Care at home
  • Residential care
  • Crisis intervention
  • Community rehabilitation
  • Social enterprise

To find out more or to access our services contact 0800 652 3757 or use our enquiry form.