Do you use one of Turning Point Scotland’s services and want to try a new activity, hobby or receive training that might go towards a volunteering or employment opportunity? 

Make It Happen could help you.

What is Make It Happen?

Turning Point Scotland provides additional small grants of money to go towards activities that might enhance your life or assist with sustaining recovery.

Make It Happen was created in 2004 by a £5000 grant for the Board. This funding has been maintained through the years through donations and contributions and hundreds of applicants have been awarded amounts, typically up to a few hundred pounds to go towards their chosen project.

How do you apply?

Simply ask a member of staff from your service for an application form. The staff member will support you to complete the application form.

You can download the guidance notes.

Read about the difference Make It Happen makes in the Booklet

The Make It Happen Committee are looking for the reasons why the project or activity will benefit you and make a difference in your life, so clearly state why this will help you.

Here are some of the activities people have been awarded money for recently:

  • A garden hut, BBQ and raised planters for people who use the Inverclyde service
  • Art materials to create a painting for display in the public area of the service for a man from Moving On, Maryhill 

‘We phoned Glasgow City College to see if they had anything part-time full-time available. I got the make it happen fund to get money for my own camera.

I don’t have to share a camera. I’ll have my own camera and that’s all thanks to Turning Point Scotland. I’m really looking forward to starting that.

I love taking pictures. I love outdoor pursuits. Photography is art. And the three of them just fit together. Three things that I love.’ – Francis

‘’I got a cheque for a new mountain bike to keep myself fit and healthy. I put in for Make It Happen and I’m over the moon. I’ve got a mountain bike now so I’m very happy.’ –George

David began a placement with Rosie’s framers & crafts and with money from Make It Happen, it helped him towards the costs towards studying for and gaining his ‘Guild Commended Framer’ award from the Fine Arts Guild.

‘When I started my placement at Rosies’s, I had no clear direction in my life other than my recovery from illness. I wasn’t sure if I would be fit to work at all.

I realised picture framing opened a new door in my creative side and challenged me to learn more.’


To find out more about contact a staff member in your service or Aileen Reid on 0141 427 8229