Many of the people using Turning Point Scotland’s services are keen musicians who write, play and produce their own songs.

Different groups come together either to help aid their recovery from addiction or just for the enjoyment of getting together socially.

A group of people who have either been through  or are going through the programme at South East Alternatives in the Gorbals have formed their own band and they played their first gig at Turning Point Scotland’s staff conference last week with great success.

The Glasgow Drugs Crisis Centre also want to start a songwriting club and record some of the music they produce.

They are looking for generous donations if anyone has an old guitar, bass, drum kit, tambourine, microphones, amp and basic recording kit that is currently gathering dust in the loft.

Music can be a powerful tool to help people we support deal with some of the challenges and issues they are going through so any unwanted musical instruments suitable would be very welcome and going to a good home.

If you think you can help please contact Andy Dewar, Marketing & Communications officer, Turning Point Scotland or 0141 427 9425.