We have been celebrating our loves and passions for Valentine’s day. 

My name is Rea. I am supported by Turning Point Scotland Dumfries & Galloway.

I am a member of Buddies, which is a local place to meet for friendship and activities.

I like to meet friends like Ellis, Emma, Jane, William, Graham, Christine, Kirsty, and the rest of the group. I like to help Kirsty baking and cooking. We enjoy going out for meals and socialising.

I also enjoy the training I get there, like computers, Health & Safety, first Aid, etc.

Turning Point Scotland Ayr love…

Stephen Jamieson I love spending time with people who care about me.

Fiona  Howie I love the  children and I love to go on day trips when my husband has the weekend off, we go to Castles, have Mini adventures, and do crafts.

JulieAnne McGhee I love Rosie’s Retro shop- it sells fantastic gifts, everyone is so welcoming and helpful, there is a real positive can do approach, that always makes me smile.

Pauline from Turning Point Scotland Edinburgh services loves the glorious music from St Giles Cathedral.