Chris Archibald has arrived at Turning Point Scotland Perth & Kinross to a hero’s welcome in his home town and the service he works at.

A BBQ is being hosted in his honour after his 600 mile journey between Turning Point Scotland locations all around the country taking in Glasgow, Inverclyde, Ayrshire, Dumfries & Galloway, Dundee, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Elgin and finally back home to the Fair City.

All the money is going to Make It Happen.

TPS staff around the services have been extremely kind offering Chris a place to stay, hospitality and a big welcome at each service.

Chris said:

Physically I’m feeling quite sore but mentally I’m in a really good place. It’s been really interesting and I’ve met lots of really positive individuals.

Service users and staff all the way around have been great and that’s memories I’ll keep for a long time.

Going from Dumfries to Dundee was 140 miles was the hardest bit, that’s longer than I’ve ever cycled.

It was a head wind all the way, that was really tough.

The following day going from Dundee to Aberdeen was torrential rain, fog all the way, that was a real challenge. I was out in the hills for a wee while beginning to think that Aberdeen was a myth but eventually I caught sight of it.

You have to be quite strong mentally. There were quite a few farm animals that probably thought I was a bit crazy going along the road speaking to myself or them!

You think of what you have just been to, what you have just visited, that keeps you going. Or the thought of what’s to come, who you are going to.

All the services are different, totally different to what I do here in Perth. I think that’s what keeps you going most of the time.

I had nice messages from people on Facebook, text messages from friends, colleagues. All of that keeps you motivated.

I’m over the moon with how much I’ve raised. I started off thinking I might get a few hundred pounds, then I was hoping for a pound a mile so to break through a thousand pounds is absolutely amazing.

Obviously the news from Wendy today that Turning Point Scotland add to whatever I raise is absolutely unbelievable.

There’s a whole group of us going for out for a meal and something to drink so that’s my way of celebrating. Hopefully I’ll last long enough if I don’t fall asleep in the corner!

The bike’s going into the shop just now to be fixed and I’ve told them it can stay there for a wee while at least!

I’ve spoke to a colleague already and if he wants to do something with me, then we can think about it but it’s too early to think about that right now!”


You can still sponsor Chris via his Just Giving page