Chris Archibald from Turning Point Scotland Perth & Kinross is planning to cycle around Turning Point Scotland services all across the country in a week, in order to raise money for Make it Happen. 

Make It Happen is a fund of money that people supported by Turning Point Scotland can apply for, providing small grants to enhance their life or assist with sustaining recovery from mental health issues or addiction.

This could be to help with buying equipment to help set up their own business, go towards a training course, volunteering opportunity or take up a new hobby like arts and craftwork.

Chris said:

“I began cycling 6 years ago. After losing our mum to cancer, my brother and I decided to raise money for Cancer Research by cycling 400 miles over 4 days from Shropshire to Perth.

This raised over £3000 and it was intended as a one-off. The bike made a couple of appearances every summer but by-and-large it spent it’s time under the stairs gathering dust.

I spent the first 3 months of this year on sick leave and when I began contemplating my return I realised I needed something positive to focus on.

I’ve never had a day off and to begin with I felt extremely guilty at letting everyone down but the support I received from Turning Point Scotland really helped me to get through a tough time and then move forward.

This got me thinking of a way to show my appreciation, and rather than make it a Perth-based idea, I wanted it to be service-wide.

To remind everyone at Turning Point Scotland that we’re part of something bigger.

The Make it Happen fund was the obvious choice; service users in Perth have benefited from it in the past, and I know what a massive difference it can make to people’s lives.

Hopefully everyone will realise how much good it does to have something like this, and will have their own positive experiences of how it has benefited someone in their own service.

My training has been sporadic so as to fit it in around my shifts and my private life but it has never been a chore.

I’ve attempted to get out on my bike 2 or 3 times a week, with no help from the Scottish summer weather! Wind, rain, hail, (sometimes all at once) and occasionally sunny, it’s never been boring!

I can’t wait to get started, and aside from some major climbing, I’m really looking forward to it.”

You can follow his progress live here

Staff members will be cheering Chris on and welcome him around each service on the following dates in August:

  • 21st Perth to Govan Road, Glasgow by 1pm, then Inverclyde by 3.30/4pm.
  • 22nd Inverclyde to Ayr by lunchtime, Dumfries by 5/6pm.
  • 23rd Dumfries to Dundee by 5/6pm
  • 24th Dundee to Aberdeen by 3/4pm
  • 25th Aberdeen to Peterhead for mid-morning, then Fraserburgh mid-afternoon.
  • 26th Fraserburgh to Elgin.
  • 27th Elgin to Dunkeld
  • 28th Dunkeld to Perth Open Day BBQ at 1pm.

Generous staff members are putting Chris up in their house to rest in between journeys, as well as taking him out for food and refreshments or putting on their own hospitality and welcome party for him, including the offer of a complimentary double room for the night at the Eight Acres Hotel in Elgin.

So far Chris has raised over £350 and has already exceeded his original target.

If you’re interested in donating to his challenge he has set up a JustGiving page which you can visit here: