Make sure your future is in your hands.

Personalisation or Self-Directed Support as it is often called, is a fresh approach to care.  It’s a new way of working which allows you to manage your support.

Turning Point Scotland has been working with local councils to make sure this new approach is easy for you to use.  Above all, personalisation allows you to be in control of your own life. It puts your future in your hands.

No matter what your needs and support choices are, you can speak to Turning Point Scotland and we will help.

We can:

  • make sure you are aware of all the available support options
  • assist you to develop your own personalised support plan
  • help you identify how your support will be provided and by whom
  • help you to arrange and manage your own budget

We’ve pulled together some information on personalisation which you can download here.

Contact Turning Point Scotland on freephone number 0800 652 3757 or email