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At Turning Point Scotland Prestwick people throughout South Ayrshire, living with a learning disability or Huntington’s Disease are supported in their own home to develop the skills they need that will broaden their horizons, ambitions and experiences, enabling them to become more involved in their local community.

Proudly partnering with South Ayrshire Council and the Independent Living Fund, Turning Point Scotland Prestwick service proudly delivers Self-Directed Support services, empowering individuals to visualise the life that they want for themselves and including the person and people who care about them most to take control of their own care.

At Turning Point Scotland Prestwick, we understand that everybody has their own goals and aspirations, so we will support people in all aspects of daily living and help people develop new skills to enable them to continue to develop and gain new confidence to live the life they choose.

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2 West Sanquhar Road

T: 01292 886589