Taking Control

Self directed support helps individuals live the lives they choose by empowering people to take control and make decisions about their own care and support.

We believe that people who use our services have the opportunity to work collaboratively with us and local authorities to design the support that is right for them and helps them achieve the goals they aspire to. After all, we respect that everybody is different and encourage people to gradually build on their confidence and embrace individuality. SDS is the forefront of service personalisation and offers people a structured and meaningful way to valuably input into their care.

We liaise with the people we support and their families'/care manager to discuss the range of support required whilst making sure we make the most of their SDS budget. We set our ambitions high and in doing so, put individuals in the driving seat to make key informed choices including deciding how their budget should be spent and how much time is required for support.

SDS provides life changing opportunities for involvement, information and choice, collaboration, dignity and inclusion in the life of the community.  

Turning Point Scotland has been working with local councils to introduce this new approach and make it both effective and easy to use. Above all, personalisation allows the person being supported to be in control of their support. It puts their future in their hands.

No matter what the needs and support choices are, Turning Point Scotland will try to help.

We want to:

  • make sure everyone is aware of all the available support options
  • assist in developing personalised support plans
  • help identify how support will be provided and by whom, to best suit the person receiving it
  • help people arrange and manage their own support budget
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