Turning Point Scotland Glasgow Homelessness Service’s booklet ‘Into the Black and Back’ has been launched.

This project was undertaken by The Village Storytelling Centre and was funded by Glasgow City Alcohol and Drugs partnership (South Sector).

In the book lie the stories of nine people we support sharing their life experiences offering a rare insight into life on the streets and living with addiction.

Service Manager Claire Gallagher said:

“The book contains humour, authenticity, courage and openness of everyone that’s been a part of the project and I’m sure reading this will open the eyes of many.

Should anyone wish to obtain a copy of this booklet then please contact us at Turning Point Scotland Glasgow Homelessness Service.”

Dougie Mackay, The Village Storytelling Centre said:

“Telling and valuing our stories has been visibly beneficial and shows real people with complex, colourful lives.

Not only are the stories rich, but through sharing each week the group has visibly grown in confidence and camaraderie. We hope that these can inspire others in a similar boat.”

Extract from ‘Realisation’:

‘Now I’ve come in this time. I’m older now. I’ve been in and out of the hostels for the last 20 year, living this life and now I’ve got a house to walk into, I’m hoping to be settled. I’ve had more opportunities this time to get off it, to do what I’m doing, so I’m happy with things just now.’