As Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow has been an important focus for Turning Point Scotland’s services throughout the history of the organisation. Like all major cities, Glasgow has a number of significant health and social challenges facing members of the communities.

In response to many of these challenges Turning Point Scotland Glasgow provides a wide range of support services to people experiencing substance misuse, homelessness, mental health issues, offending behavior, Huntington’s disease and Early Onset Dementia.

Substance misuse

The Glasgow Drug Crisis Centre has been providing substance misuse services since 1994 when the organisation was part of Turning Point UK. Based in Tradeston near the city centre it provides a range of support services around crisis intervention and harm reduction, offering a safe and stable environment for people to address their issues around substance misuse when they are at their most problematic.
This could include an emergency short term stay for people unable to cope in the community in the residential unit. There is also a needle exchange, substitute prescription service and advice and information about healthcare associated with substance misuse.

In addition, there a community rehabilitation service based on abstinence in Govan. Based on the values and principles of the Recovery agenda, this programme offer phases of recovery which participants progress through.

Turning Point Scotland Glasgow has a number of services supporting people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Turning Point Scotland Glasgow also offers a residential alcohol rehabilitation service in Maryhill providing a structured and supported environment through a longer term programme of up to 9 months for men and women who are homeless and have a history of alcohol dependency.


There is also a homelessness service in Tradeston providing three different types of support. There is a round the clock drop in service for advice and assessment. There is a short term residential unit for crisis intervention, for those who need to withdraw from chaotic behavior for a short period in residential accommodation, and also a longer term a residential long stay for 6-9 months to develop life skills to resettle in the community.

Turning Point Scotland Glasgow has a housing support service based in two locations in Drumchapel and Maryhill providing temporary accommodation for those experiencing homelessness and have a history of substance misuse. There is a mixture of single and shared flats over the two locations and the aim is to help the individuals address their substance misuse issues and return to independent living.

Homelessness and mental health services

For people experiencing mental health issues and who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, who may also have substance misuse issues, Turning Point Scotland Glasgow has a housing support service based in Govan Road to move from temporary accommodation into a permanent home and maintain the tenancy.

There is also a supported living service in the East End of Glasgow providing people with mental health issues 24 hour support in their own tenancy.

Social Opportunities

And for people with early onset Dementia, Huntington’s Disease or Korsakoff’s Syndrome living in Glasgow, the service in Govan Road also provides social opportunities so they can access leisure and recreational pursuits, to maintain their presence in the community through social inclusion.

Innovation and partnership working

Turning Point Scotland Housing First is a new type of service in Glasgow for people who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, with drugs and alcohol misuse issues. They are placed straight into support with a permanent tenancy rather than progress through a traditional ‘linear’ housing model. With a roof over their head they can then get support for issues like substance misuse and access other community, healthcare and social benefits.

Turning Point Scotland Glasgow is also the leading voluntary sector partner in the new Public Social Partnership at Low Moss Prison in Bishopbriggs, designed specifically to address re-offending and improving successful re-integration of offenders back into their communities.

Working alongside a range of other agencies, public bodies and voluntary sector partners, including the Scottish Prison Service, criminal justice social work teams, JobCentre Plus Greater Glasgow and Argyll health board and Police Scotland to deliver better outcomes for people leaving prison.

Support will be provided before, during and after offenders leave custody to tackle a range of issues including substance misuse, mental health issues and reduce risk taking and improve family and personal relationships and employment opportunities.

Turning Point Scotland makes services fit people. The type of support we provide depends on the needs of the individual.

No matter where you live or what your circumstances, Turning Point Scotland aims to provide a high level of support to suit your needs.

Our range of support includes:

  • Housing support
  • Care at home
  • Residential care
  • Crisis intervention
  • Community rehabilitation
  • Social enterprise

To find out more or to access our services contact 0800 652 3757 or use our enquiry form.