Turning Point Scotland is the biggest provider of services to people experiencing or at risk of Homelessness across Scotland, delivering support to around 2000 individuals on any given day, 4500 per year.

We believe that in many cases, Homelessness is entirely preventable. It is failures in the siloed and complex systems that we have designed to protect people that stops us from achieving this. Where Homelessness is not or cannot be, prevented the experience should be short lived, and we should meet that with a psychologically informed response.

We believe a menu of options should be available to individuals to prevent, or support someone to move on from Homelessness. This ensures we use a ‘no wrong door’ approach to accessing services.

We deliver a range of service models from Outreach Housing Support; Outreach Housing First; Outreach to Crisis Support and Supported Accommodation. Our ambitions are high for those we help; we want everyone to reach their full potential, to become active and valued members of their community, to acquire the life skills and decision-making capabilities to lead a stable productive and fulfilling life. We will challenge, coach and encourage to help achieve this, sometimes involving the peer support of others who have shared similar personal journeys.

We recognise the importance of pets in people’s lives and helping individuals move on from the trauma they have experienced. We are currently developing our policies and frameworks to engage with stakeholders and make our services as pet friendly as possible.

We are also active members of the European Federation of National Organisations with the Homeless (FEANTSA).