The Housing First pilot in Glasgow is continuing to expand and develop as interest continues to grow the model.

The project is now in its third year, providing mainstream social housing and 24/7 outreach support to individual who are homeless, aged 18 or over, and involved in drug/alcohol misuse.

The service featured in a recent edition of Holyrood magazine.

Glasgow Housing First is the first Turning Point Scotland service that have introduced salaried Peer Support Worker posts and a review/evaluation is now being carried out for consideration of wider development of such posts in other Turning Point Scotland services.

To expand the role and impact of the Housing First model in Scotland, Emma Hamilton, former service coordinator at Housing First has taken up the role of Development Manager.

The main objective of the role is to promote and develop Housing First, Housing + and Turning Point Scotland’s criminal justice and homelessness services in the West of Scotland. So far this has resulted in the development and establishment of Renfrewshire Housing Support Service. Turning Point Scotland is currently discussing the possibility of adopting a Housing First model in a number of local authorities.

At the recent Homeless Action Scotland conference in Edinburgh, HAS Chief Executive Robert Aldridge made reference to the ‘fantastic Turning Point Scotland Housing First service’.

While beyond these shores Housing First as a model of service delivery has gained a great deal of momentum over the past couple of years, with France now including it as a recognised intervention in their homelessness legislation.

Due to the Glasgow Pilot being the first Housing First service in Britain a number of organisations have been in touch asking to consult with Turning Point Scotland on the development of the service as well as practical solutions to challenges faced when trying to set up and establish this model.

Ian Irvine, Operations Manager at Turning Point Scotland will be able to benefit from the international development of Housing First and bring this back to Scotland. He has been awarded a five week placement to visit seven Housing First services in Canada and the United States of America after a successful application to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.