Turning Point, originally called the Helping Hand, was founded in 1964. It concentrated its efforts on the provision of residential rehabilitation services for people with alcohol addictions.  Throughout the 1970s and 1980s the remit expanded to include drugs, mental health and learning disabilities.

Turning Point began in 1993 when were were invited to create a new form of day service for individuals with severe and enduring mental health issues in Aberdeen.

In 1994, we set up the Glasgow Drug Crisis Centre, By 1998 we had expanded in Scotland with a turnover of £4.5m, providing substance misuse services, mental health, learning disabilities and homelessness services.

In April 1999, Turning Point Scotland became a separate entity from Turning Point.  It registered as a charity and a company limited by guarantee within Scotland.

Turning Point Scotland works in a person centred way.  We don’t exclude people from services and aims. We make services fit people.

In 2003 Turning Point Scotland Services Ltd (TPSS Ltd) was created.  All money earned by TPSS Ltd is covenanted back to Turning Point Scotland.