Turning Point Scotland offers services for men and women across the country that support individuals involved in the justice system. Our services are designed to promote rehabilitation, reduce reoffending rates and facilitate reintegration into communities.

Comprehensive support is provided, including assisting individuals as they transition from living in custody to the community while ensuring access to necessary resources and support networks. Specific throughcare services may provide practical assistance, emotional support, and guidance on accessing education, employment and housing.

Through providing a holistic approach we support individuals with complex needs. This may involve the use of drugs and alcohol, mental health issues, trauma, adverse childhood experiences and specialised services for women in the justice system.

Using a person-centred approach, our staff promote the personal growth of those we support, coaching and encouraging life skills and better decision making. We strive to empower individuals to make positive changes and build fulfilling lives beyond their involvement with the justice system.

How can we stop the repetitive, destructive cycle of re-offending that can ruin lives and blight communities?
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