2014 is going to be a huge year for sport in Scotland as Glasgow hosts the Commonwealth Games.

Many people will be setting goals to get fit and healthy this year and there will be plenty of inspiring stories along the way.

Scott Renton, from Glasgow, is taking part in the Virgin London Marathon in April to raise extra money for Turning Point Scotland and we’ll be cheering him on throughout his hectic training schedule and on the day itself.

It is a genuine privilege to be running for Turning Point Scotland, a charity that provides an important and extensive range of services and support to adults with various and often complex needs.

I would encourage anyway to go and visit the Turning Point Scotland website to see the vast range of services offered in the different areas of Scotland. With so many different services and projects going on in Scotland, it is important to get behind this local charity to help support the work that they do, making a daily difference in the lives of so many adults.

It would be great if as many people as possible could get behind Scott who has a real passion and drive to achieve any goal he sets himself.

You can donate via his Just Giving Page.

Scott said:

“I took up running about 5 years ago as a health-kick when I was first diagnosed with Crohns disease.

I found this leaving me very lethargic, particularly during early diagnosis and treatment, and this is when I bought a treadmill, put it in the garage and started running.

I had always played football on a regular basis, but was overweight and didn’t have a good level of general fitness.

I found the running helped to give me energy, and would build up to regularly running 6km. On the 4th of September 2010, in a spur of the moment thing, I registered for the Great Scottish Run 10k taking place the very next day. 

I had never ran a 10k in my life at this point, and was quite daunted by the prospect, but I wanted to give it a go. Quite nervous on the day; but loving the race atmosphere, I started the race with 10,000 others. I remember reaching the half way mark at exactly 30mins and thinking I really wanted to get under one hour. To my surprise, I managed to speed up in the second half and get a time just under the 58 mins mark, so was delighted to cross that finish line.

That experience, followed by a lovely shinny medal, spurred me on to enter more races until I went for my first half-marathon in Edinburgh, which I really enjoyed. In general, my running is about maintaining and improving my own health, but I find it enjoyable and there is a great sense of achievement to complete a race, or better a previous time.

I find setting some kind of goal keeps me motivated. In 2012 my goal was to run 1000 miles for the year which I managed.

My next challenge is to complete the London Marathon which I’m sure will be a memorable event. My first marathon experience didn’t quite go to plan as I had to walk the last 4 or so miles after suffering cramp, so I’m very determined to do better next time around, so the training plan will kick in early in the new year. “

“I started running with my local Nike Running club in Glasgow in 2012 and picked a great time to join. The first time I came across this popular brand was when I was roving around on shoe hero, and since then, have discovered this club. Nike had set a challenge to see which Nike Run Club in the UK could run the most miles combined by all its members. Glasgow won by a considerable distance and we were rewarded with a pair of customised Nike Running Shoes with the number of miles we had ran as an individual embroidered onto the shoe. “

Completed 13 races.  4 x 10ks, 8 x Half Marathon, 1 x Full Marathon.

1. 5th Sep 2010 – Great Scottish Run, Glasgow 10k 57:41

2. Sep 2011 – Great Scottish Run, Glasgow 10k 53:27

3. 15th April 2012  – Edinburgh Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon   1:55:26

4. 17th June 2012 – Men’s Health 10k 48:36

5. 2nd September 2012 – Glasgow Half Marathon 1:57:17

6. 16th September 2012 – Great North Run – Half Marathon  2:02:58

7. 28 October 2012 – Jedburgh Half Marathon 1:55:56

8. 3rd March 2013 – Silverstone Half Marathon 1:54:36

9. 14th April 2013 – Rock N Roll Edinburgh Half Marathon 1:55:52

10. 26th May  2013 – Edinburgh Full Marathon – 5:12:24

11. 16th June 2013 – Men’s Health 10k – Glasgow – 48:29

12. 15th September 2013 – Great North Run – Half Marathon – Newcastle 1:53:17

13. 7th Oct 2013 – Great Scottish Run- Half Marathon – Glasgow 1:53:26