Housing is frequently reported as an issue while an individual is preparing to be liberated and so PSP staff and agencies work on finding suitable accommodation.  Partnership work between agencies involved in the PSP is vital to meet the housing needs of service users.

James Corbett, Pathway Practitioner explains how this approach is working:”Some people are reluctant to stay in hostels/homeless units  as they feel the other residents there may be a negative influence on them particularly in respect of alcohol and substance misuse. This can be a difficult situation for the person to overcome and may require a lot of resilience and strength on their part while they await to be allocated their own tenancy.”James said every effort is made to avoid people leaving custody and having to rely on hostel or homeless units:

“There is support available in Low Moss from many of the local authorities across west and central Scotland through council’s housing teams prior to service users being liberated as well as on-going support from the PSP team. For our service users to get the best possible outcome it is crucial that the PSP staff liaise with other agencies, particularly the work with Y People can help service users access good quality supported accommodation.”

If people find suitable accommodation, it is vital they are supported with the skills for independent living to sustain their housing.

James said they provide a mix of support to help make sure people can stay focused:

“The support on offer is comprehensive and includes housing support where people are helped to sustain temporary accommodation with the service before being given the opportunity to secure their own tenancy.

This support will include what it  is to be a good neighbour (including what anti-social behaviour is and door control), budgeting skills, life skills such as cooking and cleaning.”

Should someone require specialised support in respect of health, addiction issues or legal issues they will be sign posted to a relevant organisation and supported to attend appointments where a support worker can advocate on behalf of the service user should the need arise.”

Here from Mick talking about the impact the PSP is having on his life.