Following our ‘legal high’ drop in  pilot, we will continue to run this service at 123 West Street in Glasgow.

Legal highs, known as new psychoactive substances (NPS), are synthetic drugs which can be bought online and sometimes in shops.

In 2012, there were 47 drug deaths in Scotland where legal highs were present and five cases where they were the only drug present. It is the first time, deaths of ‘legal highs’ or ‘new psychoactive substances’ were included in the annual drug deaths statistics.

In response to an increase in NPS use, Turning Point Scotland, Crew, Glasgow Council on Alcohol and the Scottish Drugs Forum are providing a new drop in service, offering advice and information about keeping people safe.

If anyone is concerned about the risks associated with the use of these types of stimulants, either personally or for family or friends, they can use the drop in service.

The service is based at Turning Point Scotland’s Glasgow Drug Crisis Centre at 123 West Street, Tradeston, Glasgow.

You can also call 07587320438 during the same times.

Turning Point Scotland’s Patricia Tracey said:

“While we don’t condone drug use, our priority first and foremost is preventing people coming to any harm if they do take legal highs.

We want to help keep people safe and ensure they are informed about the effects these substances can have.

Often people don’t know what they are buying or the strength and purity of what is in them.

Impartial, non-judgmental advice is important to reducing the potential harm posed by taking legal highs.”



For information or to arrange media opportunities, please contact:

Marisa Mahood, Marketing & Communications Manager, Turning Point Scotland 0141 427 9422/07960875022