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Everyone Home Collective

Turning Point Scotland Director of Operations and Homeless Network Scotland Chairperson, Patrick McKay has been working alongside the Everyone Home Collective to permanently end homelessness in Scotland.

The Everyone Home Collective is a combination of 19 influential charity sector organisations. Yesterday, Everyone Home presented a joint plan to the Scottish Government based around 3 immediate priorities which set out a way forward for local and national efforts to permanently end rough sleeping and homelessness in Scotland as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 3 immediate priorities include:

  • prioritise prevention, create as much housing capacity as we can now and make a longterm commitment to increase the supply of homes for social rent
  • permanently prevent a return to previous levels of rough sleeping in all areas
  • no evictions into homelessness, the end of avoidable evictions and the threat of illegal evictions.

Patrick McKay, Chair of Homeless Network Scotland and Operations Director, Turning Point Scotland said:

“The majority of people and organisations in Scotland that care about homelessness agree that the Scottish Government’s Ending Homelessness Together Plan is the right approach, and we were making progress. However, the onset of this pandemic demanded a rapid response to keep people safe. Since March we have managed to accommodate and support all those who wanted to be indoors, including people with no recourse to public funds such as people seeking asylum in Scotland. Throughout, local and national government, charities, health and housing associations have worked together.

It is now imperative to secure that progress. The pandemic will have a disproportionate impact on people who experience all types of disadvantage, potentially driving up homelessness. By implementing the measures outlined in this plan, Scotland has a unique window to end rough sleeping and mitigate the impact of all forms of homelessness.”

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