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Glasgow Women's Supported Bail Service having a positive impact

Glasgow Women’s Supported Bail Service is currently supporting 8 women.  This number is quite low due to the service being in its infancy.  Through networking and raising awareness of the service they expect the number of referrals to significantly increase over the next couple of months.

The women that they work with have complex needs so the support being delivered is needs led and person centred.  So far they have assisted women to access safe and secure accommodation, access addiction services for substitute prescriptions, reduce offending behaviour, adhere to bail conditions and court orders, access physical and mental health services and increase their social inclusion.

Through the support of the service one woman is now in safe secure accommodation close to her daughter, she is attending 218 day service, has rebuilt relationships with her family and is seeing her daughter again regularly.  She is now setting herself goals to work towards which are to gain custody of her daughter and to be in employment by next year.  She has not committed any known offences whilst she has been engaging with the service.

This is quite a turnaround considering when this woman first began working with them in April she was homeless due to the breakdown of her long term relationship, she had no family support due to a breakdown in family relationships and was at high risk of breaching her bail conditions as they were not to enter the area she had resided in for many years.  The combination of events affected her mental health significantly and left her alone and isolated.

Through engaging with the service, her worker advocating on her behalf, her being provided with practical and emotional support and setting goals this woman’s immediate issues were addressed in a short period of time.  This in turn has impacted positively on the woman’s mental health, confidence and quality of life.

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