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Gourock welcomes TPS Inverclyde

After five years in Bank Street and an 18-month transition, our Inverclyde service has moved to a fully refurbished former social club in sunny Gourock. Previously a residential facility, the  Inverclyde service is now a supported living service allowing independent living in with each person having a private bathroom, 24/7 support and access to communal catering and social hubs. The people that our Inverclyde service supports have been supported together over a number of years and so have developed a family dynamic. Aldo Marrone, Inverclyde Service Manager, said: “The people we support in this service have always been supported together so it was important to us that we were able to maintain these relationships.”

As always, with such a big change, there was some resistance, but the team at Inverclyde worked with the CHSP and completed a lot of groundwork behind the scenes. Consultations were organised with the families of the service users which offered clear communication of the change and preparation work. In addition, the people we support received a tour around the new Caladh House, allowing them to view not only the accommodation but also get a feel for the local community and amenities. The new location offers opportunities for the service users which were
unavailable, including the ability to do their own shopping instead of relying on deliveries, thus giving them more independence.

Through teamwork, hard graft and the help of key individuals including Gillian Whyte (Lead Architect) and Heather Simpson (Re-design Project Manager), all of the people we support and their loved ones have adapted well to the new premises.

So what is the consensus? Everybody involved has viewed the move as a positive experience. Despite initial concerns around some people we support to cope with the transition, everybody has adjusted fantastically and are well on their way to settling into the new property. As with everything, there has to be a level of compromise. The previous building on Bank Street boasted four spare rooms, one extra kitchen area and a meeting room for staff.However, the new property on John Street provides every resident their own en-suite bathroom offering greater privacy and there is room for an 11th person to be supported!

Speaking to Robert, a service user in Inverclyde, we asked his views on Caladh House. Robert responded:
“The new building is very beautiful and offers convenient access to the shops nearby. Everything is nearby. We also have more space and also have our own toilet. The neighbours and community are very friendly and there are lots of modes of transport.”

Another tenant, Graeme, said:
“I prefer this place to the last place. I like the garden and we have our own bathroom.”

Robert’s brother also complimented the move:
“I attended the move on the Wednesday and the Friday intending to lend a hand. I needn’t have bothered as the staff had everything packed, labelled and ready to go. The removal men delivered to the respective rooms and we then had only to sort clothing into the already positioned furniture, and fit up the electrical appliances. Nothing was lost in transit. As far Robert is concerned, I would describe the move as seamless. In conclusion I am delighted with Robert’s new home and the environment created by the current staff.”

We are delighted that everybody loves the new building and wish the team at Inverclyde every success in the new Caladh House!

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