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Inspiring stories for 2016

We bring you our final story in our week of features about people that have made positive changes in their lives.

If you have goals for 2016 and want to make changes to improve your health and well-being, we hope you have been inspired by the personal accounts of people we support.

Bill, a veteran of the Falklands War, lived with his wife and children in London for seven years until their marriage broke down. Bill says it was his excessive use of alcohol that destroyed his marriage. After the break up of his marriage Bill moved back to Scotland and eventually lost contact with his daughters.

He went to live with his father but after his father’s death he was given another tenancy. With the death of his father and the new surroundings he began to drink excessively and he was eventually evicted from this tenancy due to his drinking and the different people visiting his flat to drink.

Bill was then given accommodation in Renfrewshire which he liked however he again lost this tenancy due to issues with alcohol.

Bill became homeless and was given temporary homeless accommodation in the Renfrewshire area. During this period he was very isolated and did not feel happy .He was referred to the Renfrewshire Housing First Service and he received an offer of housing in the area which he accepted. 

Housing First supports Bill on a daily basis supporting him with all aspects of his daily living. Bill feels he was once very isolated and now he is a man who engages well who knows the type of support he would like. Bill has managed to stay in his tenancy and is happy at this. He is now a valued member of society and has linked in with other services, attending a computing class once a week as well as a group on local history every week.

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