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Mental Health Awareness Week: MB’s story

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week we feature a final poignant story about the impact of mental health issues. 

MB describes how important support was to her:

“It was a disappointment, to open my eyes in the morning.  The sunlight barely registered.  I didn’t want to get up: there was no reason for me to get up.  I was dropping out of life and the shame of it was that I had a husband and children.

This went on for years, slowly getting worse.

I was referred to Rosie’s by my GP.  It felt like a lifeline, but one I was scared to grab.

In all my experiences with other forms of help I had never come across a genuinely supportive environment.  I’m not used to being valued or treated with respect and I relish it.

As time passes my confidence is growing.  It’s an up and down road, but I’m heading in the right direction,  Rosie’s has given me hope, when there was none.  It is somewhere where I get glimpses of a future, where none existed.

My husband still has a wife.  My children still have a mother.”

Rosie’s Social Enterprises are hosting an event  at Holburn street on Thursday 19th  for service users to bring 2 quests ( family, friends or referrers ) to see the workshops and the work that is being produced.

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