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Mental Health Awareness Week: Ruth’s story

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week we are profiling some of the challenges and issues people we support have overcome.

Ruth describes the positive things in her life since coming to Rosie’s Social Enterprises:

“I found out about Rosies from my occupational therapist two years ago. She was helping me to socialise and get out more before I started a psychotherapy group for people with Borderline Personality Disorder.

My self-confidence was very low and I had been depressed a long time. The prospect of working in a cafe was daunting but I wanted to try.

Everyone at Rosie’s Cafe made me feel welcome and they were patient as I found my feet. I learned new skills and attended courses which were useful and interesting.

Social events have been some of the highlights of my time at Rosie’s, meeting up with other service users who worked different days was fun and it was nice seeing colleagues in another setting enjoying themselves.

Staff has always been there to support me when things are difficult. I am now able to share more of myself at these times as well as trying to join in more at lighter moments.

We get the chance to reflect on our progress and consider how we move forward at a pace right for us. Taking responsibility for ourselves is important and we become more independent.

We are all valued at Rosie’s and respected for who we are even if we don’t always see ourselves as others do!

It’s a supported environment that helps many people and hopefully will help many more. I certainly am grateful for my time there.”

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