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New look service for people affected by alcohol and drug use

People experiencing issues relating to alcohol and drug use in Aberdeenshire can now benefit from a broader range of support services across the region.

A partnership approach between Turning Point Scotland and Alcohol and Drugs Action will offer support to individuals to reduce the harm posed by alcohol and drug use and assist people into recovery where possible.

Both providers have extensive experience in the area and already deliver services in Aberdeenshire.

Both organisations will also work with Aberdeen Foyer, a social enterprise working to support people in communities in the North of Scotland, to promote access to training, learning and accredited qualifications.

Turning Point Scotland and Alcohol and Drugs Action are now locally pooling their resources and skills in order to offer an even better level of service provision, on behalf of Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drugs Partnership and Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership.

Services will include a community-based harm reduction service for people in Aberdeenshire to keep people safe and reduce the risk of drug-related deaths. This includes an advice and information service, daily drop-in/duty, needle exchange and structured motivational support for individuals and families affected.

A community-based rehabilitation service will deliver support to help people achieve and maintain a recovery from substance use problems.

Alan Howard, Business Development Manager, Turning Point Scotland said:

“We are delighted to be working with Alcohol and Drugs Action to deliver an integrated, flexible and consistent alcohol and drug support service across the whole of Aberdeenshire.

There are many benefits to sharing knowledge, expertise and resources and we are confident people using these important services will benefit.

As an organisation, Turning Point Scotland is committed to working in partnership with organisations that share our values to design even better services, using an evidence-based approach and responding to feedback from people using the service.”


Colin Barnes, Operations Manager, Turning Point Scotland said:

“Like many communities across Scotland, drug use and alcohol misuse poses significant risks to individuals and affects families across Aberdeenshire and we are committed to saving lives and reducing harm. If people are ready to move into recovery, our services will offer support to assist people to help them to work towards this goal. In addition, we believe everyone is capable of achieving a sense of belonging and valued role in their lives.”

Simon Pringle, Service Manager, Alcohol and Drugs Action said:

“Alcohol and Drugs Action look forward to developing and delivering alcohol and drug services across Aberdeenshire with Turning Point Scotland. We believe that our partnership approach, where we will link with key stakeholders within communities will enable those with substance use issues to receive appropriate support quickly.”

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