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New photography exhibition challenges perceptions of poverty

A group of people from Turning Point Scotland have photography work on display at the Mitchell library in Glasgow.

Hannah, Kevin, Maria, Mick, Natasha and Sammy are students of Turning Point Scotland’s Connecting Citizens Programme. They co-curated an exhibition with the Open Museum as part of the course.

The group decided to tackle a subject that is close to their heart and want the public to be more aware of.

They said:

‘We had the whole of Glasgow Museums collections at our fingertips – we could have chosen anything from art to ancient Egypt, but we wanted to focus on something contemporary and relevant – something we all had experience of.

We started by looking at objects related to poverty in the Glasgow Museums collection. We discovered that they were not up to date. Does poverty in still exist in Glasgow? Look around and you will see it does.

We also looked at photographs in the collections and that gave us the idea to go out into our communities and take our own. You have probably seen similar scenes around Glasgow – we are trying to challenge the way that they are now seen as ‘the norm’.’

Elaine Addington, Open Museum Curator, Glasgow Museums said:

‘People should go see the display firstly because the photographs are brilliant and an absolute credit to the students who took part.

Also they will be images that probably resonate with the viewers own experiences of Glasgow, but will hopefully make them question their willingness to accept this as the norm. The group were thrilled that the work is being shown beyond Turning Point Scotland’.

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