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New recovery group formed by Turning Point Scotland after charity donation

A new recovery group supported by Turning Point Scotland (TPS) has been formed in Turriff using funds raised at the Let’s Kick This Together charity match.

Hosted by Turriff Football Club at The Haughs in June the inaugural event raised more than £11,200, which was split between TPS and Home Start Deveron.  The family friendly event featured a derby match between local businesses, Chapman Electrical and Ardinn Homes, in an effort to promote awareness of mental health.

The new Scottish Recovery Consortium meetings, Medication, Recovery and Me, are held every fortnight for people seeking recovery from substitute medication and to support their mental health.

TPS Aberdeenshire Peer Support Service Manager Karen Watson said it was wonderful to see the funds being used to benefit people through the new recovery group.  "I was amazed by the total amount of funds raised at Let’s Kick This Together. I want to thank everyone who worked so hard to make the event happen and gave generously."

"The new recovery group, which has 14 attendees so far, has met twice, so we can see the impact of the funds already. Let’s Kick This Together has made this support available but was also a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness about mental health issues in the community and showcase the important work of my team.’’

Annie Kenyon Developments Ltd, Director Annie Kenyon was the main sponsor for Let’s Kick It Together. “This is amazing, we raise money and it immediately goes to good in the same town,’’ she said. ‘‘When you donate to charity often it feels like you putting into a big pot, here the local community are directly benefitting from the money raised”

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