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Recovering Voices - A variety-style performance by members of Glasgow’s recovery community.

Over the last few months some TPS Connects members have been participating in a Recovering Voices programme with Creative Change Collective. Along with people supported by CrossReach and Pheonix Futures, they put on a heartfelt performance at Òran Mór, Glasgow.

The performance was created by participants over a 12-week programme. The performance was delivered with a mix of sketches, monologues, spoken word and music. It allowed all involved to demonstrate their achievements, celebrate their success and share lived experience insights with friends, family, support staff and policy makers. The impactful performance showcased the power of recovery with a range of emotions in which the cast spoke of cohesive control, abuse and family turmoil.

Following the show, Angela Constance, Minister for Drugs Policy joined the performers on stage to congratulate them on their courage to go into recovery and their recovery to get on stage. Angela spoke about Scotland’s national mission to tackle the tragedy of drug related deaths and support people to survive and thrive.

Programmes and projects like this help people discover their own recovery journey as well as challenge stigma head on.

“I cherish my essence, my way of expressing it, even if not everyone can understand me.”

One of the facilitators, Libby McArthur, a Scottish Actress best known for her role as Gina Hamilton in River City followed Angela Constance by stating that she was blown away by what had been created and how projects like this improve confidence and resilience for all involved.

The performance ended with a short Q&A where one audience member called it inspirational and suggested it be rolled out across the country. Friends and family members congratulated loved ones on stage and members of the recovery community commented on the connection they felt.

Turning Point Scotland were given a round of applause on the work done to provide a wide range of services for different stages of recovery across Scotland.

Well done to everyone involved.

*Creative Change Collective use arts and creativity to help individuals and groups reach positive outcomes. The Recovering Voices programme has 4 objectives:

  • Support every participant on their recovery path regardless of how many sessions they attend.
  • Celebrate individual and combined efforts with friends and family.
  • Lived experience insights for policy makers and support staff.
  • To remember the voices who are no longer with us.


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