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Rosie’s Social Enterprises employee meets King Charles

When King Charles met with members of the Aberdeen refugee community last week, Rosie’s Social Enterprises employee Zahed Ramadan and his young family were among them.

About 15 refugee families from Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine who now call Aberdeen home attended the event at the Town House to meet King Charles and speak about their experiences.

‘‘It was good of King Charles to come and welcome people to the city. My family appreciated being invited to the event,’’ Zahed said.

Zahed, his wife and two boys, have called Aberdeen home since September 2021.

A year later, Rosie’s Social Enterprises has welcomed Zahed to the team as a Workshop Assistant with the picture framing service.

Zahed came to Rosie’s Social Enterprises through a Scottish Government scheme overseen by Aberdeen City Council for people aged over 25 to boost employment opportunities and enhance skills. Previously, Zahed had worked at another local social enterprise.

‘‘I would like to thank Rosie’s for the opportunities I have been given. I really enjoy working here very much,’’ he said.

Zahed's two sons at the event for refugees attended by King Charles in Aberdeen.

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