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Turning Point Scotland value employees with Cost of Living Pay Increase

Turning Point Scotland values employees and takes pride in the contribution everyone makes to services, service users, and the organisation as a whole. Due to the rising cost of living, we understand the impact of this on all of our colleagues and the people we support.

Following a discussion between the Executive Leadership Team and the Board of Trustees, along with our recognised partners Unite the Union, Turning Point Scotland is delighted that we will offer all employees, both those contracted on Turning Point Scotland’s terms and conditions and employees on TUPE a 7% uplift in salary from 1st April 2022.

Support Practitioners colleagues starting salary will now be £10.83 per hour and the sleepover rate will increase to £10.60 per hour making us a leading wage in our sector.

As we stand, this is a standout acknowledgment to reward our employees for the tremendous work over unprecedented and challenging times by committing to recognising people, fair work and making Turning Point Scotland a place where staff want to choose to work and stay.



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