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What can you achieve in 2016?

We continue our week of looking at some of the lives of people that have been supported by Turning Point Scotland. 

Many people unfortunately may have had a tough time during the festive period or are struggling in the long, dark month of January.

However, hopefully by featuring some of the stories of people around our services, they will inspire or give hope to others.

Here’s Kerry’s story:

“I was referred to Rosie’s Social Enterprises in Aberdeen.

I had been suffering from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I lived my life almost in isolation only leaving my flat when I had to. After much persuasion I went to Rosie’s to look around and have an interview. After the interview I was told to think about it for a few days and see how I would feel about working there, but I said yes straight away. I knew my life had to change and saw this as an opportunity to try and start new.

Starting at Rosie’s was daunting at first and I barely said a word, it took a while for me to build up enough confidence to engage in conversation with the people around me. The longer I was there and the more I learned help my confidence issues. Being around people meant I had to try and keep myself calm and not panic. I had a few hiccups while there where I seemed to breakdown completely, but with the help and support of the staff other service users I came out the other end and picked myself back up.

After being there for 2 years I became one of the most talkative people there and I started to think of my future. I have always loved learning and kept thinking about attending college. With the support of everyone there I filled in an application form and got accepted. I am in my second year of college now studying social sciences full time. I felt the time was right for me to leave Rosie’s and concentrate on my education.

Being at Rosies has given me so much, I am doing things I never thought I would do and I have become a stronger person. I have also made new friends and continued to grow in confidence. Leaving Rosie’s was hard as it had been a big part of my life for 2 years. Saying goodbye was hard but it was fun while I was there. So now I say a big thank you to everyone for the help and support I received, I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for everything everyone at Rosies done for me.”

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