A partnership of agencies have come together to assist prisoners in the preparation for leaving prison and resettling back into the community.

The team based in HMP Low Moss prison will not only be working in the prison, they will be supporting people through the liberation process and assisting them to access services that will help them get back on track.

Half of the staff team is now in post and it is hoped that by the beginning of August the rest of the team will be in place.  So far everything from recruitment, set up in the prison to working with the prisoners has been a smooth process.

In the first four weeks the team has spent a considerable amount of time working with the multi-agencies to promote the work of the PSP both in custody and in the community.  Marketing material has been produced highlighting how to make contact with the team through the Link Centre.

Gill Tod, Partnership Manager for the Low Moss PSP comments:

“The team is really passionate about their job and the role they each play.  Low Moss is a large prison so we have a big job of letting everyone know what we do and how we can support prisoners.”

The team took the opportunity to speak to families waiting in the visitor area. They engaged with individuals who were willing to listen about the service.  Gill reports:

“We got chatting to a Mum who was waiting to see her son who is a young offender and serving his first custodial service. I could see the devastation in her eyes. She was in pieces waiting to see him.  She explained how she was unable to have him return to the family home.

“She took one of our leaflets and spoke to her son Steve.  One of our workers followed this up with him. Since making the initial contact a lot of work has been done and has resulted in Steve being liberated with a house to go to, with the promise to be re-housed to more appropriate accommodation, social work are involved with him in the community and a supported family visit took place within the first week of being liberated.

“Steve’s Mum was in constant contact with the service.  Today a staff member is accompanying him to a meeting at his local job centre.”

Gill highlights that the contact made with the family is part of the vision of the PSP.

Gill adds:

“This an excellent outcome highlighting the type of work the PSP can deliver to prisoners, families and communities.”