On Monday 31st March, the highly anticipated red carpet premiere of the film The Honest Heart starring adults from Turning Point Scotland’s Viewpoint service will take place at The Odeon, Kilmarnock starting at 11am.

“The Honest Heart” is a documentary exploring the actors’ determination to lead independent lives.

The Independent Mind project (National Trust for Scotland) works with people who aren’t already engaged with the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, particularly economically and socially marginalised groups.

Turning Point Scotland’s Viewpoint service in Ayr supports adults with learning disabilities to access their local community. Documentary film maker Ruth Carslaw worked with people who use the service to film each members as they filmed themselves capturing hand-held self-portraits, or pointing the lens outwards to the world before them.

Made whilst busy with their day to day lives, their films are full of candid glimpses: going to the gym, swimming, meeting friends and dancing.

Ruth comments:

“Along the way they explore their freedom – blink and you’ll miss a whispered self-assurance or a prayer for a loved one, and in those tiny eloquent moments the scale of the challenges they face and conquer each day is revealed.”

A rebel and free thinker, Robert Burns engaged with fundamental issues of his time – race, national identity, politics, economics and religion. Rather than accept the status quo, Burns asked “Why was an independent wish e’er planted in my mind?”

The Independent Mind project is a chance for people to creatively answer that question and it encourages people to engage with these issues – not just as part of Scotland’s history but relating them to life in Scotland today.

“Ev’n then, sometimes we’d snatch a taste,
O’ truest happiness,
The honest heart that’s free
frae a’ intended fraud or guile..”

From ‘First Epistle to Davie, A Brother Poet’ by Robert Burns