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Happy Retirement!

Turning Point Scotland is losing some weel-kent faces this year.

Operations Manager Christine Buntrock, Health & Safety Manager Hugh Tannock and John McCormack, Service Coordinator at Dumfries & Galloway are retiring.

Colleagues are sad to see them go and the organisation will miss their valued contributions, with more than 30 years’ experience between
them at Turning Point Scotland.

Michelle Ronald, ICT Manager, said: “Hugh is a kind, thoughtful colleague and really would go the extra mile to help out anyone in need…just don’t ask his financial advisor for advice.”

Kenneth Crawford, Director of Finance and Resources, said: “Hugh’s knowledge and professionalism in his field is a big asset to Turning Point Scotland. This is mainly felt when something has gone wrong or dealing with external services. The Exec Team has relied heavily on him in these circumstances.

“Hugh had a distinguished career at the Royal mail and moving into this sector was a massive change for Hugh. Our risk appetite
was totally different from his previous employer but Hugh has taken this on board when dealing with Health & Safety matters, particularly at a service level.

“Hugh has brought focus to the company around Health & Safety and instilled in staff a Health & Safety culture. This can clearly been
seen in the audits that he carries out annually.

Wendy Spencer, Director of Operations, said: “Christine will always go above and beyond to help. Her knowledge in particular in addictions and criminal justice is second to none. She is supportive of all her colleagues. She has great stories from her travels and her time
working in America and she is very funny. There is a great sense of camaraderie with her colleagues and lots of laughs but also a serious side.

“Christine is very loyal to TPS and a great advocate for the organisation and the services she manages. She is a caring and supportive manager and an incredibly hard worker. Christine ‘just gets on with it’. She will get her head down and fill in a grant application, an award nomination, no fuss, no fanfare and if a grant is awarded or an award presented she will step back and let others
take the limelight.

“Christine has extensive contacts in the field of addiction and criminal justice as well as within the sector and she is highly regarded and trusted by them and has excellent working
relationships with them all.

“This has helped no end in relation to service development – for example, CPO service, Women’s Supported Bail, 218 follow-up flat.”

Kevin Kelly, Practitioner, Glasgow Women’s Supported Bail Service, said: “It has been a memorable and privileged experience to have
worked with Christine over all these years. I thought about the way she engaged service users when we worked together at the GDCC.
I remember the way Christine positively engaged with some of the most challenging service users in the city through her acute understanding of their situation, all conducted with empathy and compassion.”

Angela Cameron, Service Manager, Dumfries & Galloway, said: “John McCormack started with us in summer 2000 as a support worker and has been a calm and professional influence within the team from the start of his second career. His career before that was in electrical engineering and in some ways the disciplines learned there have stood him in good stead as he grew within the team going first Assistant Service Coordinator and then on to Service Coordinator.

“He is knowledgeable about property, Health & Safety and managing finances and benefits (brilliant miser!) He would see one of his own
biggest achievements is in learning to develop the potential of his staff team.

“John has a wide range of professional contacts within his area of work and in the local community.

“He has been involved in some of the earliest SDS support packages in remote areas such as hill farms and working with the RSPB to
develop work opportunities.”

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