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Major milestone for TPS Connects

Extra special achievement as Turning Point Scotland ahead of 20th anniversary celebrations

An initiative to tackle loneliness, isolation and exclusion has welcomed the 300th member.

TPS Connects is a community of people that have used Turning Point Scotland’s services. It was set up to give people a chance to socialise, actively participate in planning activities and events, as well as to have their voice heard.

Anyone that has used Turning Point Scotland’s 37 services can join, take part and enjoy a range of conferences, events, sport and music groups in a safe, welcoming environment.

Irrespective of whether people have been supported for learning disabilities or drug & alcohol misuse for example, they can participate alongside each other as equal members of the community.

It goes beyond the support they have received and the involvement and inclusion is helping to sustain mental-health and well-being of the members.

Few organisations in Scotland provide support to people for so many complex needs and now Turning Point Scotland is breaking down barriers in this pioneering approach by bringing them together in a forum where they are all respected and included.

 ‘I’ve made new friends for the first time in years’ – Phil

‘It’s great to be trusted and to be able to trust others’ – Gary

‘It gives me the chance to voice my opinions on what I like and don’t like and I contribute to the running of TPS Connects’ – Jane

‘Because it’s peer led, it’s a great opportunity to make us feel important’ – Leanne

The TPS Connects community get opportunities to meet with members of the Turning Point Scotland Executive Team and Board members and both offer and are asked for their opinions about the support and services the organisation provides, as well as the recruitment process for members of the senior management team.

Aileen Reid, Inclusion & Access Co-ordinator, Turning Point Scotland said:

‘We are absolutely thrilled that hundreds of people have been able to get involved with TPS Connects. The one thing everyone has in common is that they have used Turning Point Scotland’s services at some point in their lives, so there is a real spirit of equality fostered. But your past and background is not relevant, it is about taking part in whatever way you feel comfortable with.’

TPS Connects would not exist without volunteers who take responsibility for the running of activities. Turning Point Scotland is a better organisation because of what we have learnt through TPS Connects.’

Craig Winter, Director of Business Development, Turning Point Scotland said:

‘We could scarcely have imagined when we set out at the beginning that TPS Connects would have grown into what it has now. That success is all down to the commitment, energy and dynamism of the members, as well as Aileen and colleagues.

It is fitting in our 20th anniversary year that we have surpassed 300 members. TPS Connects embodies everything that Turning Point Scotland stands for, inclusion, involvement and opportunity for all. It has really helped shape our direction of travel as an organisation.’

While celebrating the first 20 years of supporting people with some of the most complex needs in Scotland, the organisation is looking forward to the next 20 years and beyond in the digital age.

To highlight the ethos, values and principles of TPS Connects, a short animated video and podcast has been created, the first in a series of innovations as Turning Point Scotland embraces the digital future.

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