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Turning Point Scotland's contribution to the DDTF Drug Law Reform Forward Plan

“An ideal legal framework should create harmony rather than tension between the obligations and incentives law enforcement face, and those faced by health and social care providers. Where there is tension between legal enforcement and evidence-based interventions, substantial resources can be wasted on ineffective treatments, services that are never accessed by those who need them, or even interventions that increase rather than decrease people’s risks of harm.”

Turning Point Scotland works with adults who are experiencing a range of support needs in relation to problematic drug and/or alcohol use, involvement in the criminal justice system, homelessness and mental ill-health.  We work from the belief that people matter, that they are the experts on their support needs and that it is for us to work creatively with them and with partners to ensure that those needs are met. 

We play a significant role in the delivery of treatment and recovery services across Scotland.  Our range of services in Glasgow offer people a pathway from crisis, through residential stabilisation and on into moving-on support.  In Edinburgh we provide recovery focused support as part of the North East Recovery Hub, in North Ayrshire our PEAR (Prevention, Early Intervention and Recovery) service provides community based support towards recovery, and we are one of the main third sector support providers working across Aberdeenshire.  We have developed innovative approaches to support that integrates work around problematic drug and alcohol use with homelessness services (Housing First, Glasgow Homelessness Service) and with criminal and community justice services (218, Turnaround). 

Turning Point Scotland's full contribution can be found here.

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