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Turning Point Scotland's evidence towards the Justice Committee Pre-Budget Scrutiny of the Scottish Government’s Draft Budget

We are grateful for the opportunity to share our thoughts on priorities for the Scottish Government’s Justice budget 2020/21.

Turning Point Scotland works with adults who are experiencing a range of support needs in relation to their involvement in the criminal justice system, problematic drug and/or alcohol use, homelessness, mental ill-health, physical and/or learning disability. We work from the belief that people matter, that they are the experts on their support needs and that it is for us to work creatively with them and with partners to ensure that those needs are met.

Our criminal justice services have been developed to work with each person to address the issues that drive their offending. They include 218 and Turnaround, combinations of residential and community support that offer an alternative to custody and the Glasgow Criminal Justice Tenancy Sustainment Service that enables people to address the housing related drivers to their offending. We work to build effective partnerships both within the voluntary sector, as lead providers of the SHINE mentoring PSP in the North, and with statutory services through the Low Moss Throughcare PSP.

We are a member of the Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum (CJVSF) and have contributed to their evidence. We support their submission.


Turning Point Scotland's full response is available here.

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