The Morrison’s Great Women’s 10k takes place this Sunday in Glasgow and Stacey Browning will be pulling on her trainers for the iconic event.

Stacey is taking part and raising funds for Turning Point Scotland, a charity close to her heart.

Stacey comments:

“I saw an advert for Turning Point Scotland and it was good to see the people the organisation supports being portrayed positively.  It was encouraging to see people wanting to make a change to their lives and I understand how hard that can be.

“I’ve never been a drug user myself; however I’ve seen the devastating effects caused by drugs.  I was encouraged to see the positive attitudes of people who had turned their lives around with the help of Turning Point Scotland.

“I read that the charity works with people with a variety of issues and I think it’s fantastic, so I wanted to raise both awareness and money for such a great cause.

“I used to enjoy running but recently gave it up due to my university workload and a minor illness meant running became more difficult for me.  I’ve recently started training again for the 10k and while it will be no easy feat for me, I am looking forward to the challenge, especially raising money for Turning Point Scotland.

Donations can be made to Stacey’s Just Giving page

If you would like to run for Turning Point Scotland please contact