One of the UK’s best loved nightclubs is calling on their generous and devoted clubbers to donate to the Glasgow Winter Night Shelter, only if the end of the world is avoided!

The Sub Club in Glasgow is running a club night based around the Mayan’s predictions of the end of the world/reset on 21.12.12.

This is theme for the event,& they have asked that everyone who wants to attend their ‘survival bunker’ brings along  tinned/dried food or a blanket so if we do have to re-populate the Earth they have the supplies needed.

Sub Club spokesman Kieran Adie said:

“We are ultimate sceptics, so if or rather when the Mayans are proved wrong we would like all supplies to be donated to Turning Point Scotland for the Glasgow Winter Night Shelter.

We know the great job you guys do of helping those who end up in an unfortunate position around Glasgow, and would really like to work with you on this one.”