Anyone who has visited the residential unit at Turnaround recently will notice an extra splash of colour around the corridors and stairwells. The staff and residents have been getting their sleeves rolled up to paint the walls and add their own art work. They are keen to create a positive environment not just for themselves but for future residents.

Turnaround Service Coordinator, Nicki Traynor, explains:

“It’s just something that’s a bit different for the guys. We do a lot of group work here and we thought it would be a good way to relax. We received money from the Make it Happen fund and we had to develop the area we wanted the art to be in.

Now we have the materials, the guys have only just started and over the next few months were are hoping to produce more art across the building. It provides a more positive impression and for residents to feel part of that, not only for themselves but for future people that are going to come in.

A lot of our residents are very creative, and sometimes struggle with the academic side of things, but quite often are very talented and we just want to support them with that. Certainly if they enjoy the art, there’s colleges and further education which they can access on leaving which will help them with their recovery.

The views we’ve got here are absolutely amazing and we are hoping to use the area the best way to our advantage. It can be a negative sometimes, for the guys who have appointments, it’s a little bit remote. But on a positive note the guys do feel they’ve come out of their situation. People are coming here and getting a chance to develop themselves and deal with any issues they may have. We do a group work every day, and an exercise block every day, which we hope will help to improve the resident’s mental and physical health, also helping people to improve sleeping patterns which can be a big issue with some of our chaotic residents.

We’ve got activities like, computing, alternative therapies, and offer different options as part of their recovery. We help the guys address their offending behaviour which can be a result of substance misuse, mental health or isolation.

Staff at Turnaround, want to create a more positive environment for residents which will hopefully support people to address their offending behaviour. We look at each and every single person as an individual and will develop a plan together to address any issues a resident may have.  We may have someone who is artistic and creative. If we can help them access college courses, then we will support them with that. Residents are here for approximately 6-8 weeks so when they leave Turnaround they need a support plan in place with community support so their recovery can continue.

A lot of the people we work with don’t have a lot to feel confident about so even a small sense of achievement will encourage people to carry on with their recovery. That’s why we use art, complimentary therapies, etc we’ve also introduced into the structure a basic health and safety test which would maybe allow individuals to get a labourer’s job.  Most people need qualifications or certificates for any job they go for. So we are supporting individuals to look at education and employment. If they don’t finish work when they are in the residential unit or don’t feel ready, we can also support them in the community to carry on with education and training options.”