Hugh Tannock, TPS Health & Safety Manager has attended the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Awards ceremony for achieving 250 donations.

Hugh wants to remind everyone the importance of giving blood and in particular to consider the possibility of becoming a regular Platelets donor:

He said:

“It is very nice to be recognised but the real reason for donating is that you are helping to save a life, that life can be someone who has been involved in an accident, emergency admissions, premature babies, cancer and leukaemia patients.

I started off by donating blood then around 15 years ago became a Platelets donor. I donate every three or four weeks at the Glasgow donor centre, however you can also donate in Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness at the current time there are just over a 1000 Platelet donors in the whole of Scotland.”

Platelets have the shortest shelf life of all donations lasting only 5 days therefore there is a constant urgent need for Platelets and Platelet donors.

If you currently donate blood why not ask if you are able to donate Platelets instead, the process is similar to giving blood the difference being is that you get the red cells returned to you, on average the total time taken is around 2 hours and you need to be able to donate every 4 to 6 weeks.

If you currently do not make any type of donation you need to start off by donating blood you can make an enquiry about future types of donations after you have started donating, almost anyone can give blood you can check this on the website at  or visit your local donating centre for further advice and information.”